If you have found a pet please read the following carefully.

We do not operate a shelter, we are a foster home based rescue.

Usually the foster homes are 100% full

Please do not ask us to take an animal from you, we are aware that shelters in the Houston area have high kill rates, that is why we exist, but we need your help to save them.

If you need someone to take your pet, or a stray that you have rescued your only option is usually a shelter, they are BARC,CAP, SPCA, HHS, and Harris County Animal Control, they are dreadful places. The SPCA will not take in a stray, so do not waste your time there. You can try other rescue groups as well, perhaps they have foster homes available.

If you are willing to truly help the stray you have rescued, become a foster by contacting ua. We will cover all veterinary expenses and we will hold you to this financial agreement.

We hope there will come a time when Houston can say they are a "NO KILL" city.